Friday, January 20, 2012

We Finished Counting

I saw a bunch of great stuff on Eastern Island today.  No new birds, but Ann and I did find some kind of mysterious transmitter buoy that experts say is worth literally hundreds off dollars.  I also got some glass fishing floats, which are prized beyond money or gold out here.  The Gnarly Storm blew a bunch of stuff up on our beaches.  After all that, we finished the Albatross count sweeps that we have been working on since arriving.  The totals are in. It's official.  There are hella.

The ass-end of a Masked Booby.  It's nice, cause you can compare it to the ass-end of a Red-footed Booby in the background.

This Great Frigatebird just kept grabbing crud off the water and then dropping it.  It wasn't food or anything, I think he was just practicing.


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  2. Repaired: Too Photos always cheers me up, because I live in a bog. Thanks. Great. Love the bowling too.

  3. I think the next time I'm sampling for my boss and she asks how many salamanders we caught, I'll just say "hella." I like it!