Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Three Day Weekend

Today I woke up.  Drank coffee.  Ate an English muffin.  Then I went to the office and messed around on the computer a bit.  After that it was albatross plots, and back to the office for data.  It was a hella typical Midway day.  Mostly, right now, we are waiting for the first egg to hatch.  It will be any day now, and I'm pretty psyched to see it all go down.  I once saw a Wilson's warbler hatching, but that remains the only time in my life that I've seen a bird hatch.  I reckon I'm about to see it happen a few thousand times in the coming weeks.  Guns n' Roses is blasting over the Midway radio station right now and I'm drinking Heineken from a miniaturized keg can.  Life is good.  

A Bonin Petrel in the daytime.  It's not that easy to get good photos of these guys since they pretty much just come on Island at night.

This is the same Green-winged Teal that was featured a few weeks ago.  Any more guesses as to its nationality?

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  1. It still looks hella American. BTW: "Send me a picture of your bat wing. Love, Stilt. PS: Hi."