Friday, January 6, 2012


It's been pissing rain all day.  Pretty dreadful.  I spent most of the day wet and soggy and entering data, so I'm in the best mood ever!  When it rains a lot here, all the puddles fill up everywhere and the ducks and turnstones come out of the woodworks and hang out in the middle of the road.  It's pretty funny.  In any case, don't be expecting any stunning photos today.  Because Life Is Pain.  Horrible, agonizing, stinky, sweaty Pain.  Tonight the plan is to watch the critically acclaimed classic movie Cowboys and Aliens.  It will likely be my favorite movie of all time.  Can't wait.  Mahalo.

These are the feet of a Hawaiian Monk Seal.  They look an awful lot like a Northern Elephant Seal's feet.  They are not.  Take my word.

This is my friend Moo.  He is an Island Legend.  He tends bar and sells grits (as can be seen in the background).  He is awesome.  Moo means Pig in Thai, but he still thinks it's the best.

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