Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Another routine day.  Albatross plots and data entry filled most of my hours.  Now I'm in the process of gettin drunk.  Sounds like a pretty nice Tuesday, right?  I forgot to mention that yesterday the famous artist, Wyland, painted some stuff on the side of Charlie Barracks.  I think it looks pretty legit.  He did it all in just a few hours.  I was impressed at how fast he worked.  Moo had him up on a crane and he was just throwing paint all over everything.  In other news, the very important people are having a party tonight, which means Free Beer.  I've been amazed at the quantities of Free Beer I have consumed while on Island.  I'd wager I've had more than anyone else here, which makes me proud.  Well, thanks for checking in.  Time to go rage.

Here's the mural.  The big bright thing up in the corner is not the sun, it's the full moon.  It was practically daytime last night.

One of my favorite foods.  This is how I am pre-raging tonight.

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