Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brown Birds Just Chill

Sorry about yesterday.  Can you tell I'm having trouble coming up with new material?  It's not completely my fault.  The Island was terrorized yesterday by a gnarly storm, so I barely went outside.  Today wasn't much better, as I was chained to the desk getting the banding data ready to send off to the banding lab.  Anyone got any bright ideas for future blog topics?  I'll probably just think they're not very good and decide not to use them, but who knows?  Haha, well, here goes another two Ps, another one D.  Oh, and just in case you were in a good mood and thought the world was a nice and beautiful place, let me put things into perspective for you. You know that cute baby Black-footed Albatross?  The first one born this year?  It's dead.  The storm was too intense for it I guess.  Life Is Pain.

Brown Noddy Party.  These guys don't let dead stuff get in the way of a good time.

Brown Booby Party.  Solo.  This guy found a sweet hunk of wood to hang on.  He's still holding it down.  

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  1. Wait a minute. I saw a Sterna sp. when I was on Midway (Arctic/Common). If you are including Snipe sp., then I still have the glory.