Sunday, January 29, 2012

Freshly Shaven Onlooker

For birds, Midway is a safe haven.  A place to find rest and relaxation.  To find shelter from the harsh marine environment.  It turns out people sometimes use Midway as a safe haven as well.  Today a passing cargo ship offloaded a sick crew member onto the island.  He will be evacuated by a Coast Guard plane tonight, as soon as it's safe for them to land without crashing into birds.  Annie One-sock and I went out to the sea wall to watch the dramatic rescue mission performed by US Fish and Wildlife staff out on the safeboat.  The swell was apparently well over ten feet, but they puled it off.  Pretty cool.

The safeboat was halfway hidden behind waves and was completely dwarfed by the massive container ship.

Great Frigatebird looks on as the recue mission is underway.   Showing very nicely.  Freshly shaven I think.

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