Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Isaac Asimov

Stuff flies around hella fast sometimes.  This makes stuff super hard to see.  This sometimes annoys the shit out of me.  Today, I flushed a Snipe from one of the seeps.  This is the second time I have flushed said Snipe from a seep.  Both times, the bird has blasted off, flying away from me very quickly and completely ruining my chances of identifying it safely.  Lima India Papa.  Long story short, I may have gotten a Life Bird today, but I will possibly never know for certain.  

The most epic photo of the snipe.  You can see white on the trailing edge of the wings, but is it a lot? I dunno.  I saw nothing of the underwings, causing me to sink further into utter despair.  I will keep trying.  Never give up.  Never surrender.

These Green Darners are doing it.  Ass to mouth for some reason.  This is probably the only reason I was able to get a shot of them.  Normally they fly around much faster than even a Common/Wilson's Snipe.

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