Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Feet are important.  Lieutenant Dan always left only two standing orders in his platoon.  One was to not do anything stupid like getting yourself killed, but the other was to take good care of your feet.  Good advice.  Out here, feet are important.  Many birds are named for their feet.  Black-footed Albatross and Red-footed Booby are a few local Midway examples.  I get minor cuts and bruises all the time on my feet as a result of the dry, sharp sticks of the horrid Verbesina plant.  The albatrosses sometimes lose parts of their feet (big holes in the webbing) when they wipe out into these sharp sticks.  In a tribute to feet everywhere, here are two fascinating photos of feet:

One day, I noticed Volunteer Ann doing this.  No explanation, nothing.  I snapped off a quick photo and still have not stopped calling her "Annie One-sock"

BFALs do some fancy footwork as part of their courtship dance.  They get up on their tiptoes, pretty much like ballerinas.

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