Sunday, January 22, 2012

Football Shmootball

I did it again.  I stayed inside all day watching football.  What gives?  I don't even really like football.  Especially after today.  What a lame game.  I'd like to list all the reasons that birding and baseball are both better than football, but I don't feel like writing a hella long list right now.  I did manage to go out birding for about an hour or so.  I didn't see anything abnormal, but I soon will.  There is a legitimate birder on the island (one of the VIP group) and he saw a Gray-backed Tern during lunch.  This is awesome, because it means I'll probably see one in the next few days too.  Tonight is another rage fest for the VIP group, so I'm gonna go rage now.  Wish me luck.

First beer ever bought from a vending machine.  It was so good.

These are Very Important People.  Taking Very Important Pictures.

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