Friday, January 27, 2012


Babies.  I know they're super gross.  But it's important to remember that babies can be cool.  As long as they don't belong to you. Or any of your friends.  And as long as they don't puke or shit all over you.  I've met a lot of babies in the last week.  They are spewing out of their eggs faster than I can keep track.  Some are cute.  Some are weaklings.  Some are tiny little blobs of slimy feathers.  Let me introduce you to two of them.

This baby just rolls with whatever.  One million mile an hour winds?  Sand pelting your face and sticking to your eyeball?  Who gives a shit?  Not this baby.  He actually looks like he's having fun.

Then there are the frightened, deer in the headlights babies.  These poor creatures probably had something horrible happen to them very early on.  Like when they were still inside their eggs.  The baby in this picture was abandoned by his parents and left to die on the cold sand.  Luckily, someone happened to notice this tragedy and told me about it.  I placed him in the care of some foster parents, and named him Foster Bird.  The new parents seem to be dutifully loving and caring for FB, and I wish them all well, despite FB's cowardly demeanor.  

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