Thursday, January 5, 2012

This Shit Is Still Fun (Boobywatching)

I spent a good chunk of time on Eastern today.  It's always nice going over to Boobyland.  I get pretty jumpy over there every time we flush birds, because I'm always sure the next vagrant will present itself.  Nothing of the sort happened today.  But the surf was epic, extreme, and gnarly.  There were massive barrels breaking on the reef, which is probably a few miles away.  The bird counters finished counting today.  The results are in.  There are Hella birds.  Now, most of them are leaving tonight and returning to lives where they don't have to count an endless mass of Albatross forever.  

The splendor that is the Red-footed Booby at sunrise.

Massive barrels.  So epic.


  1. Oh the barrels are the waves, right? I thought you meant actual barrels, maybe like tsunami debris! lol well I learned something today. Well let me tell you, be careful when you go back to the real world, cuz people here have germs and they will share them with you whether you like it or not! See you someday!!! Have fun and keep posting!


  2. Great pics Cuzzo. You were missed at Thanksgive...can't wait to hear all about this adventure. LOVING the blog.