Saturday, January 28, 2012


In this business, you meet a lot of people who are in your life for short periods of time.  Tonight, I say goodbye to a very special group of folks forever.  The College Kids From Duke are boarding the private jet and flying off in the moonlight, never to be heard from again.  If any of y'all are reading this, I wish you well and will miss you dearly.  Stay gold.

So I found myself back at the All Hands Club again last night for the Farewell Duke Extravaganza.  It was eerily similar to previous Chugach Band parties.  The same classic rock songs were pounded back into my head.  There was pool and shuffleboard and epic dance moves.  Many young people lost their innocence, and a few old people lost their minds.  The proof can be seen below.

I'm having fun adding my own captions to the main three characters in this photo.    Try it yourself.  If I like your caption the best you can have a free print of any TPAD photo you want.

Full blown Beiber Fever.  Baby! Baby! Baby!

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