Sunday, January 15, 2012

Red and Gold 4 Eva

I spent about eight hours in Captain Brooks Pub today.  I left only to get food from the Clipper House during the single scheduled mealtime.  The rest of my day was filled with watching football, playing cards, darts, and Monopoly.  Quite a day.  I can't believe the 49ers are good again.  It feels like it's been so long.  It was super fun to watch them own the Saints today.  I look forward to the next game.  Maybe I'll make it into another all day marathon at the bar.  I'm hella tired now.  Watching a tv all day really takes it out of you.

Here's a Great Frigatebird that was pissed off at me yesterday for being too close to its bushes.
A magical rainbow appeared during the football game.  I ran outside to snap off some photos.  I failed at getting hella sicky shots.

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