Monday, January 23, 2012

I Know What Time It Is

Today was hella slow.  We only had a little bit of albatross work in the morning, and then a bit of native plant work in the afternoon, planting Bunchgrass.  Since our albatross survivorship plots are now done, we don't have much to do.  We are going to be having a lot more plant work in the coming weeks.  Yawn.  

I have some new raging related news for you.  First, I spent last night celebrating Fun Time Midway 2012.  It was awesome.  If you ask me what time it is, all I have to do is glance at my permanent rage clock, which keeps perfect time.  Also, the officials at the Couch Burning have set a date for this year.  It will take place on April 21st, just one day after the international holiday Smoke Hella Weed Day.  Hope to see you all there.

Everyone here knows exactly what time it is.

A BFAL chick hatching during work this morning.

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