Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sleepy, zzzzz...

Well today was a normal work day.  After work, I helped Scott put data logger tags on some Laysan Albatrosses.  It was fun.  Then we went on a "petrel walk", looking for Tristram's Storm-petrels.  We were unsuccessful.  Maybe in another few weeks.  After that it was a rage fest at Captain Brooks.  I have gotten quite good at the puzzle that they keep at the bar.  It's a bunch of wooden discs that you move around from peg to peg until you put them in the right place.  It is very difficult, but I am a genius and have mastered it.  This is perhaps the latest TPAD I have written.  Goodnight world.

I haven't shown off my Pacific Golden-plovers in a while.  Here are a couple hanging out with a Ruddy Turnstone at the northern seawall.  So golden.  So shiny.

When it's hot out, this is what these guys do.  They face downwind and let the cool breeze blow up through their feathers into their nether regions.  So refreshing.

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  1. ah, and that albatross (who looks STUNNING in that beautiful shot, btw) has discovered what I figured out years ago. if it's freakin' hot, wear a skirt or dress. air movement is amazingly helpful.