Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shocky Rorebirds

I went out and took breathtaking photographs of some of our wintering shorebirds today.  Currently on island are some incredibly famous and influential people.  Sylvia Earle, who is the planet's greatest female oceanographer, is here with me.  If you want to know who she is, click this: 

There is also a mural artist here named Wyland who is apparently hella famous.  He did something for the Olympics I think.  Now he's supposed to paint one here, but I haven't seen any brushes come out yet.  Here's Wyland:

Well, it's time for dinner.  Then I'll be attending a talk by an awesome photographer, whom I may showcase on tomorrow's TPAD.  After that, raging.  It's another Chugach Band performance tonight, and the whiskey will flow.

Wandering Tattler.  You can tell by the nasal grooves and apparently the scaling on the bird's tarsi (legs).  Breathtaking.

Ruddy Turnstone.  Look at it glisten.

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  1. Hee. Fun to see a shot of Sylvia Earle partying, while I wake up on a Monday. Nice work!

    I, too, saw wandering tattlers and ruddy turnstones recently (whilst in Hawaii, what, 3 days ago?). And freakin' albatross, and SOMETHING large-ish that companions postulated COULD have been a bristle-thighed curlew (& they noted my eyes popping out) but didn't get a good look at the beak, so cannot claim it. Tho, notice I mentioned it, just now...

    Yes, re: new year and new blog colors. I also tweaked mine yesterday. 2 years is long enough to wait for a new 'do.

    Your party sounds awesome. I love meeting people and getting to know them informally, and only afterwards learning they're hella famous. Good stuff! Party (&blog) on! =)