Friday, February 10, 2012


Well, shee-it.  Ain't much goin on round here.  I done went round the island today and did some stuff with the birds and shit.  I seen a dolphin.  I seen a Noddy.  Them Noddies be buildin' nests right now.  They grabbin hella shit off the ground and flyin it up to their trees.  Purty sick.  Hell, I'm feelin' purty hungry, Ima go eat some shit now.  Later y'all.

I seen me some Spinner Dolphins today down off the cargo pier.  I ain't never seen no dolphins down there before.  Purty cool.

Y'all a wanna twig?  I done found this'n.  I ain't gon' need it no more.

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  1. You eat shit? Gross, but not entirely unexpected.