Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hawaiian Birds Are Good, But Hard To Come By

I spent most of the day in grocery stores.  It was pretty fun.  No surfing or snorkeling or trips to the beach or anything.  Just some good old fashioned shopping for food.  Well, actually, I have to admit to getting out early and doing some legitimate birdwatching while everyone else was still asleep.  I rolled up Hualalai in the Mustang and got up into some nice habitat.  As soon as I was in decent habitat I started seeing tons of little red and yellow birds (AKA Lifers).

This handsome little devil is called Apapane.  This was the commonest bird this morning.  I saw about 60 or so on a 5 mile drive.

I have trouble with this one.  I originally thought it was a Hawaiian Amakihi, but a leading expert in this field assures me it is an Anianiau.  Ok, I just decided to look it up, and Anianiau only occur on Kauai.  This is an Amakihi I guess.

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