Monday, February 6, 2012

Horse Whisperer? Pshaw.

Have you guys ever heard of Buck?  He's a real-life horse whisperer.  They made a movie about him called... Buck.  Original name, I know.  I watched this movie and liked it, except for the part where Buck totally couldn't help this one horse and just recommended that he be put down.  Super cowardly.  It was shocking, really.  I mean, this whole movie was about how amazing Buck was at taming bad horses.  It kept building up how Buck was just the shit.  Then they bring in this one crazy horse and Buck doesn't do jack squat.  Life is full of disappointment, kids.  For example, today was another disappointing day on Midway, because zero new birds showed up.  

Anyway, aside from watching movies, I also looked at some birds.  One of them is hella rare, but you've all seen it on TPAD before.  Here goes.

Gray-tailed Tattler.  Ass-end view.  I should put a little caption box out of his mouth saying "tooWEET".  Then he would be identifiable.

Cute?  Not cute?  Vote on it.

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