Saturday, February 11, 2012

Over Raged?

I just got back from a little whiskeydrinkin with the one they call Miller.  He taught me that making moonshine is both fun and good for you.  Tonight there is a 70s party being thrown in my honor.  I have once again given myself a hella sexy moustache on my face.  God it looks good.  I'm going to have to fight off hordes of women demanding to ride on it.  Should be a wild night.  There is also a fridge full of jello shots in the kitchen.  When is the last time any of you had a jello shot?  I'm pretty sure I wasn't able to grow a moustache the last time I had one.  By the way, I was wondering.  Has TPAD been giving the impression that all I do is rage?  Is there too much Rage Content on TPAD?  Do you people want more birds, or science, or history or something like that?  Please let me know.  I'm a bit concerned.

This chick is ready to rage.  She's pretty much hammered drunk, screaming "I'm wearing a sports bra and I don't give a FUUUUCK!".

I'm pretty much the same as the chick above.  Same caption.

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