Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm Having Trouble Letting Go: The Midway Thai Exposed

Today was more of a recovery day here in Kona.  I mostly just took it easy, after two days full of action.  My little sister Kayla and her boyfriend Jermelstein Hairhole arrived from Angels Camp and we got ourselves a sweet Mustang to cruise around the island over the next 10 days.  

All of this is secondary to my real reason for writing you tonight.  What I really wanna talk about are a few of my friends back on Midway.  I said goodbye to a few awesome gangstas, and I need to immortalize them in the pages of TPAD.  Part One includes a short profile of two friends I made during my stay out there.

This is Ae2.  He had to add the 2 because there was already a guy named Ae out here when he arrived.  He is the backbone of the Chugach band, as well as a lead-paint removal specialist.  He is a poor cook.  His statistics:

Name: Ae
Nickname: Ae2
Age: 49
Favorite Color: Whole rainbow
If you could be any animal: Tiger, because it's the #1 animal in the wild.  They kill only for food, and not out of anger.

Apiwat is often called "Art" by non-Thais because his nickname sounds a lot like Art.  Imagine how annoying that would be.

Name: Apiwat
Nickname: Aud
Age: 50
Favorite Color: Black (dark black)
If you could be any animal: Dog, because they are honest. (To the side, a third party named Tum said "naw, he likes dog cause it's tasty")

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