Saturday, February 18, 2012

Asian Vagrants

I arrived on the Big Island this morning and was greeted at the airport by my big bro Jesse.  Since then, we've just been living the Good Life all day.  We've been playing darts, Portuguese horseshoes, and beach football all day.  Oh, and birding.  Urban style.  You wouldn't believe the number of vagrants that you can find here.  They're straight up common.  Tons of Asian vagrants everywhere.  This place is way better than Adak or even Attu.  Until tomorrow, this is Handsome Dan signing off.

Yellow-billed Cardinal.  A South-American vagrant.  The birding is so good here that these are common yard birds anywhere you go.

Japanese White-eye.  Just one of many Asian vagrants seen today in Kona.  Holla.  BTW, doesn't this bird look fake?  It's not.

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  1. ah, yes. Were in HI around New Year's Eve and found myself staring stupidly at the Japanese White-eye. How can you not? JUST SO COOL!!!


    LOVE, btw, names like the one for the 1st bird. Amazing red head and it's name? Why, yellow-billed (cardinal) of course.

    Like black necked stilts. Really? You're talking about the neck, when this bird has 2 foot long RED RED RED legs sticking out of the water??

    =) I'm sure there's a reason, but...

    And it was YEARS before I ever saw the ruby crown of you-know-who. =)

    Nice shots!!!