Friday, February 3, 2012


Sorry, today's post is eerily similar to yesterday.  One photo of a STAL, one of a crawly little critter.  We relocated the Short-tailed that arrived yesterday.  Still here.  And she's about a quarter mile closer to the other Short-tailed than she was yesterday.  Love is in the air.  Also, I did some native plant work today and found a bunch of disgusting centipedes while digging in the dirt.  I was scared.  if one of these things bites you, you're dead within 4 seconds.  And I wasn't even wearing gloves.  I'm craycray.  

Awful creatures.  I'm sure there is absolutely nothing good about them.
Conveniently standing in front of a white wall.

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  1. My advise, bite that sucker before he has a chance to bite you.