Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whatever You Want

Today:  Birding, parasailing, beach party sesh, dinner.  It was totes legitimate.  As far as the birding went, I only saw more of te same.  It was crazy how many of these Apapane I saw again.  Probably over 100 today.  I had no idea there were flocks of these guys around, but there are hella.  Today I was really trying for a Hawaiian Hawk, but none materialized.  Major bummer.  

I got a better photo of an Apapane today, so I thought I'd do a repeat today(something rarely done on TPAD) .
Quiz bird anyone?  It's pretty easy I guess.  Anyway, I only kept the photo because I thought the sand looked cool.

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  1. You have to stop putting the answer to the quiz birds in the "Labels." I got it before I saw that though, just to be clear.