Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Bags Are Packed And I'm Ready To Go

TPAD comes to you today amidst my last minute packing sesh.  I got up early to look for Sooty Terns and baby white albatrosses.  I failed to find the terns, but the whiteys were hella easy to find.  Now I'm packing up my pelican case and cleaning this cinder block room that has been my home for the winter.  In a few hours I will say goodbye to a lot of very special people who have been nothing but amazing during my stay.  I will say goodbye to millions of birds who will not even notice I'm gone.  I will be sad.  I will probably cry like a baby, but in a manly way too.  Please tune in to TPAD tomorrow to find out what's really going on in Honolulu.

This is an albino Laysan Albatross chick.  There are a few hatched every year on Midway.  Neither of this bird's parents are albinos.  They just carry the gene and pass it along to their chicks.  In fact, there is an albino born nearly every year at this same exact location.

This is a shot I've been meaning to get for a long time, and today was my last chance.  This is how albatross deal with waste removal.


  1. It REALLY sucks to have to leave doesn't it?

  2. I wish some of those albinos would survive to adulthood, but they never do apparently. That second shot is totes art. Leaving sucks hella. I hope I can go back some day. I will now write a blog about about how you failed to break my record.

    1. Dude, one of the captcha words I had to type in to comment just now was "rage".