Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Soldier Lost At Sea

I found an interesting treasure today while walking the beach on Eastern Island.  Well, first I found yet another glass float...yawn.  I immediately gave it to Karen as a birthday present.  It's best to get rid of those things as soon as possible.  The interesting thing I found was a small pelican case filled with the following items:  1 driver's license for a Patrick Laforester, 1 military ID card for Patrick Laforester, 2 credit cards for PL, 1 set of car keys, anti fog spray for a snorkeling mask, and 12 bucks cash.  I've been trying to find this mysterious soldier on the internet so that I can return his belongings, but have had no success.

Also, I saw the dreaded snipe again.  I think it's a Common.  But I have no street cred with such things, so I'm sending the shitty photos around and asking all the smart people I know.

It is now time to go celebrate the birth of fellow volunteer, Karen.  Should be a raging shindig.  Mahalo.


This is gross.  I'm not even going to say anything else.  Ewwww.

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