Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Where Is The Rage?

We continued setting up our albatross plots yesterday.  It was fun.  I got to ride my bike past the Golden Goony again.  Which was hella fun.  We were disappointed later when we tried to tune in to The Hangover 2 on the projector in our living room, but were rejected by Technology.  LIP.  I drank a whopping two beers yesterday evening, which is probably my Island High count so far (yes I feel cowardly).  Tonight is rumored to be an epic Ping Pong Battle over at the All Hands Club.  The All Hands Club is cool.  It's kind of like the Farallones Social Club, but with pool tables, ping pong, a bar, Foosball, pinball, bathrooms, etc.  Maybe I'll get the camera out and demand that people sit for black and white portraits.  Here are some more birds.  I have yet to take a single photo of a non-bird, seal, or turtle.

One of 423 Pacific Golden-plovers that call Midway home.
Ruddy Turnstone.  Showing nicely.

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