Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hecka TPADs

I only just noticed that monday marked the 100th post for TPAD!  This one will be #102.  Congratulations to all involved on achieving this milestone.  Yesterday was business as normal.  Worked a little.  Birded a little.  Ate hecka buffet food.  I'm starting to get into my routine.  So everything is chill.  I guess a plane is stopping here tonight for an overnight refuel or something, so there may be a couple of new faces on the island for the night.  I don't really know if this is true though.  Everything here is so bizarre and confusing that I don't generally know which end of the beer bottle to drink out of.  

A Bottlenose Dolphin that I saw during tuna fishing the other day.  These are much rarer here than Spinner Dolphins, but they are still the only dolphins I've seen since arriving.

This Ring-necked Duck is a pretty popular bird these days.  It's hard to imagine this bird flying all the way out here.  Amazing.

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