Saturday, November 19, 2011

Midway: Day 2

So I may go for a TPAD marathon today.  I'm considering switching to writing the blog in the evening at the end of every day.  We'll see. Yesterday was my first full day on island.  I went through an orientation Powerpoint and then I drove a golf cart all around everywhere, seeing some of our work sites and trying not to run over any Goonies.  After dinner, I was trying to TPAD but I just fell asleep and failed at my one true purpose in life: Blogging.  For now, I'm probably going to be putting up  all the photos of the Life Birds that I get.  This should carry us through the next couple of days.  Enjoy.

This is a White Tern.  Like most of  the birds out here, they are very friendly and curious.  One of the other volunteers thinks they look evil.  I say they pretty.

Brown Noddy on the runway.  Another Life Bird from yesterday.

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