Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Flee Before You're Broke And Dead

Well, I got out of Tahoe barely intact.  Most of my money gone.  Little sleep under my belt.  Running on fumes. I crash landed back here at home, the lovely Brushwood Estates of my childhood.  I did manage to go out birding yesterday, just before all the boozing and unsuccessful gambling started.  Saw some ducks and crud.  A few pairs of Redhead, Canvasback, Ring-necked Ducks, and the like.  I need to make sure I go out and take some pictures today before I Pass The Fuck Out.  Of course, Wednesday is All-U-Can Eat night at Mike's Pizza here in Angels Camp.  This is basically the ultimate weekly social event around these parts, so I mayhaps will stay awake long enough for that.  Anyhoo, love you guys.  See you tomorrow.

Mountain Chickadee.  Staredown.

Canvasback.  Tahoe Keys. 

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