Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thai People Are Good At Pool And Ping Pong

Last night was John Hanna's retirement party.  He has been the project manager out here for a long time and he's leaving on the next plane I guess.  There was a huge rager, feast, and pool tournament to celebrate.  Super fun.  I also went birding and tuna fishing earlier in the day (we hooked two big lunkers, but they both got away).  I'm hungover so I'm keeping this short.  Mahalo.

Brown Booby, boobying.

A few of the guys fusballing.  Mali, official judge.

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  1. uh, re: the first shot, may I say:

    And, may I also ask, ever so humbly, might I use that image (pretty pretty please?!?) in some future post re:animals and, hm, maybe the physics of doing what they do (, if you care)? This shot of the booby is an AMAZING example for that conversation. If yes, please email at biobabbler at g mail dot com. I will gladly credit & watermark it with whatever you wish (as long as it's PG rated--want my little nieces to be able to read my blog =) ). THANKS!

    Hope you feel better soon. =)

    P.S. the only thing I ever beat one of my best friends at was ping pong, played while we were in Tahiti. He's a pretty healthy guy, so I'd never even tried to play against him in any sport (we were always hiking or happy houring or dancing), but this I (tall, gawky female) won and wow, he was not happy. very interesting. it's VERY gratifying to play politely and then SMASH it. ah.... =)