Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Have Seen At Least Two Albatrosses Today

Maybe even more.  This post is reaching you late because of Terrorism.  If you must blame someone, blame the terrorists.  Midway is Facemelting.  I don't know another way to put it.  I arrived at night.  It was dark.  I stepped off the Air Force One plane and was immediately surrounded by Thais and golf carts.  I was then zoomed off to my new house, amidst the stares of thousands of Gooneybirds.  My head is still spinning from the intensity of it all.  Anywhere you look, there is an albatross.  It is so sick.  anyway, I managed to go out in the front yard and take two shaky photos before having a few cold ones at the pub and hitting the hay.

That's my front door over to the right of this Laysan Albatross.  My bedroom window is the second window on the left.  Its very cozy in here and I fall asleep to the yelling and screaming of all these birds.

This is a Bonin Petrel.  Also out in the front yard.  They live in burrows under all the albatross.  It is only the second Pterodroma I've ever seen.

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