Tuesday, November 22, 2011

If Only Albatrosses Could Smoke

We banded a few birds yesterday.  I am beginning to get into the swing of things.  I now seen firsthand the devastation that a fully grown bull Black-footed Albatross can inflict on human skin.  It ain't pretty.  No lifers yesterday, but I currently have my sights set on a few target lifers.  Namely the boobies.  Possibly some Wedge-tailed Shearwaters.  I've been told that this is entirely possible, but I've yet to see the goods.  It's time for work again today, so I've gotta run.

Good old-fashioned Laysan Albatross fight.

A Laysan Duck out on the lawn.  This Life bird is probably the rarest animal that I have ever seen.  I think there are only a few hundred left.  

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  1. Look for the Wedgies at sunset or after dark. When I was there a really easy spot to find them was inside the little bunker along the bike path along the runway (near where the Golden Gooney lives). They don't fly around during the day.