Friday, November 25, 2011

No Gooneys Were Harmed For The Making Of This Holiday

I started Thanksgiving off by watching White Christmas.  It was the classiest Thanksgiving morning in recent memory.  Then I filled myself to bursting at the massive feast.  Shit was off the hook.  I was groaning in my chair for an hour, drunk on wine, until I demanded that everyone go snorkeling.  Most were too deep in food comas to comply, but five of us squeezed into wet-suits and headed down to the cargo pier to check out turtles, fish and sharks.  It was sick.  The rest of the day was chill and uneventful.  Actually I barely remember it.

I could relate to this Northern Shoveler as I was shoveling gobs of turkey and beef into my mouth.

The Midway Thanksgiving Table.


  1. Maybe you should of drunkenly rambled down to the sea wall to find a Bryan's Shearwater nest...

  2. I've tried that a few times...No luck yet, gut it's bound to happen sooner or later. Ima be famous.