Wednesday, November 2, 2011

...Just Kidding

I just wanted to see what y'all would do without TPAD.  I received a lot of threatening letters and phone calls.  But guess what?  I've got yesterday's 2 photos ready for you right here and now.  There was no need to panic.  I went birding around the city for a few hours and saw some stuff:

Wood Duck at Lloyd Lake, showing very nicely.

Red-masked Parakeet at Fort Mason.  This one had a band on its right foot that I could read a few digits from.  Anybody know what I could do with the number?


  1. Hella looks like a Red-masked Parakeet.

  2. HELLA like a Red-masked. Not even the right genus.

  3. Well, if you guys are sure...I changed it.

  4. Loving the blog, catching up on some older posts. This one looks to me like a Mitred Parakeet, not a Red-masked. For example:

    Here's where you can report banded birds: