Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mahalo Means Thank You (I Think)

Well, I've been in airplanes and airports all day.  Not much sleep last night, so I'm purty zombied out.  I am currently in the lobby of a fancy shmancy private jet service.  I feel like the president or something.  The pilot just shook my hand.  I am important.  Before something else happens, here are yesterday's photos.  Sam and I met up with Felonious and Ben for a Dayger aroud the Mission.  We kept up with them for about 25 percent of their mission.  It was awesome.  There were many drinking rules and regulations.  High percentages were achieved by all.

I'm thinking of starting a Hot Guy Of The Week column.  This will be the first installment.  Breathtaking, no? 

Sam and I finished the night at some swanky restaurant o the bay.  There was a really good happy hour.  Everything cost five bucks.  Super chill.

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