Monday, November 14, 2011

Just Another Dollar Day.

It is really fun to go bet the ponies on Dollar Day.  I highly recommend it to anyone living around the Bay.  Beer costs a dollar.  How could you not go?  Once again, I didn't really bird yesterday.  Too much other stuff going on.  I'm finally all packed up for Midway.  I'm only allowed fifty pounds for the flight out, so it was a bit difficult deciding what to pack, and what to leave behind.  Right now, I have to go meet F.J. to try for a Lucy's Warbler down at good old Ferry Park.  Here was some of the fun we had yesterday.

Breaking from the gate.  I had a bit of money on that red horse.  It finished second I think.  Not bad.

Sick sunset last night.  This is my sister Kayla with my former friend Lando. Lando and I used to be friends, but not anymore.

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