Friday, December 23, 2011

Vomiting Green Slime

Typical day.  Went to Eastern.  Banded birds.  Came home.  Picked up trash on the beach.  Although, on Eastern we encountered a vicious monster Black-footed Albatross.  It bit the shit out of Karen, barfed green slime, bit the shit out of Pete, then finally got banded.  Probably this was the most interesting thing that happened today.  I will now be heading over to the All Hands Club to drink and decorate for the Christmas party.  Mahalo.

Th crew at dinner: Intense one on the left is Karen.  Goofy in the middle is Ann.  The British on the right is Nik.

Another Gray Goony.  This one is incubating an egg, so apparently it convinced someone to mate.  No small feat for a half-blood.

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