Friday, December 30, 2011

Death By Birding

We got off early today, for the holiday known as New Year's Eve Eve.  Pretty sweet.  I didn't take any photos today, so Ima just go through some old ones and pick two that I wanted to post but never did.  The weather has been ridick my entire time out here.  Virtually no rain, and flip flops every day.  The skies have been ominous lately, but have not produced anything major.  Today was perhaps the coldest so far, meaning that I had to wear jeans.  Brrrrr.  How embarrassing, I'm making small talk about the weather.

The very rare Freshwater Albatross.  This was a life bird.

If you're wondering how wet it is outside, you can look at the Goonies' backs.  All natural rain gauge.  

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