Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Buy Stuff, It's Christmas

I forgot to mention something that I discovered during the great Thai King Rage of 2011.  I am the second youngest person on Midway.  I was pretty sure I was in the top five or ten, but number 2?  Cray cray.  Just when I felt like I was getting old...  In other news, I went to Eastern Island today and saw hella boobies.  Also hecka Great Frigatebirds.  I bloodied my shins walking through the dry pokey sticks of Verbesina. (most hated plant on island)  Also, the Goonies seem to be getting meaner because they have started occasionally biting me on the legs when I walk by them.  Usually I call the offending bird a bad name and keep walking.  It helps me to feel better.  Hope you're all doing well in Christmasland, buying lotsa stuff for the people you love.  I know I am.

When I took this photo, I was sure I would look through the flock later and find some mega rare vagrant.  Nope, just Chuck Testa (google it) and 24 Ruddy Turnstones.

So sick.  In your face Great Frigatebird.

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  1. Yeah dude. The albatross are a lot meaner over there. Not like the ones in your yard.