Thursday, December 29, 2011

Data Will Slowly Kill You

Had to do a few hours of data entry today.  For lack of anything better to do.  I started nodding off by the end.  This is a common data entry induced side effect for me.  After work, I went out by the runway where bird counters Diana and Kirstin found six Short-eared Owls on Christmas Day for the CBC.  All of them were there.  Sick.  They're hella hard to raph though, because they flush so easily.  Hopefully the photos will get a little better each time I go out.  By the time I leave I'll have something good.  There is an airplane tonight.  We will be losing some bird counters and gaining some complete strangers.  Should be fun...  Ima go to Brooks now and drank on something.

The cream of my Short-eared Owl crop.  It's sub-par at best.
ID all nine correctly and win a prize.  BTW, for a better look, right click the photo and open on a new tab.  You can zoom in hella.


  1. Too easy. You revealed most of the answers in the "Labels."

    Left to right.
    1-3. American Wigeon
    4. Eurasian Wigeon
    5-6. American Wigeon
    7. Green-winged Teal
    8. American Wigeon
    9. Northern Shoveler

    What's my prize?

  2. Best way to treat rare bird? Flush them over and over again.

  3. hee. agree w/Steve. bird them to death. then they're nice and still.
    (kidding, 'course.)

  4. @ TaxMan: Sorry, there were no Green-winged Teal in the photo. Try again on 7 and you may still win, as you're still the only contestant.

    @FJ: Are you saying this in a Russian accent? i.e. "Best time of day for to make bird viewings: middle of day, when sun is at highest peak!"

    @BB: New band name: Death by Birding. Or Birded to Death.

  5. Okay. I guess #7 is just another Eurasian Wigeon then.