Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just Go Bowling

I sat around again for most of today.  I got out to look at birds for a while, but I kept it casual.  Bird of the day was the continuing Ring-necked Duck.  All of the VIPs just left on the plane, but we still have the fifteen bird counters, so the Island is still pretty busy.  Sunday nights are bowling nights.  7-8 PM, all you can bowl.  I was defeated tonight by the British, who rolled a 161, which is unprecedented for a person from the UK.  Howembarassingiknowright.

This man is an excellent bowler.  He is also your Ornithology professor if you go to UCSC.

Maybe the best part of bowling on Midway.  You get to go behind the lanes and see how it all works.  These machines are older than dirt.  It's a Christmas miracle that they still work.  The old safety inspection notices are even still in place.  It's amazing.

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