Sunday, December 11, 2011


Spent half the day indoors before finally kicking myself in the ass and going down to the cargo pier.  Luckily, I ran into the first Black Noddy I've seen in over a week, and the first one I've gotten a decent shot of.  Then Pete came and found me to let me know that the boat was going out for an Island Tour.  It was pretty sweet.  Highlight was a large pod of Spinner Dolphins.  I practically could pet them.  So dinner is approaching soon, and I'm hecka hungry.  Here is a short lesson in Noddy identification.  Later.

Brown Noddy.  Notice the slightly stockier bill and the contrast between the brown tertials and black primaries. 

Black Noddy is the superior Noddy out here.  They are much smaller, darker, pointier-looking, and are much harder to come by than their brown cousins.

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  1. Browns will start disappearing soon. Get good shots while you can.