Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fishooks, Spiders, Scrotes, Oh My.

Went to Dr. Breck's Intro to Seabirds talk last night.  Thought it was great.  We mostly discussed adaptations for a bird's life at sea.  I think there might be another lecture tonight, we shall see.  Today was fairly chill.  There is a lot to do after our three day Christmas Break.  I capped the day off with removing a fishhook from the neck of a Black-footed Albatross.  It was gross and scary, but I reckon I saved his life.  So, good job to me.  

I found this Deadly venomous Giant Killing-spider (Arachnus murderensis) in my golf cart today.  I barely escaped alive.

The best way to advertise that you're ready to go to bed with someone:  Attach a scrotum to your face.  And make it red.  Bright red.

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