Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Midway Thai Exposed, Part Two

I haven't explained about how being on Midway was very much like being on the island from the hit tv show Lost.  One huge contributing factor to this phenomenon is the fact that there are a bunch of guys cruising around in mysterious uniforms, doing random maintenance things.  If you'll remember from Lost, there was a company doing weird research on the island.  I can't remember the name because it has been so long since I saw the show.  In any case, you can see the  uniformed people below, in this installment of The Midway Thai Exposed, Part Two.

Moo was the main bartender on Midway.  I spent a lot of time hanging out with him.  He is a good man.  In Thai, his nickname means pig.  He is very proud and happy about this, not insulted in any way.  Moo is the kind of bartender who will gladly sit and listen to whatever you have to say simply because you are the only customer in his bar.  He then will respond with sound advice and inspirational encouragement.  

Name: Kriankrai
Nickname: Moo
Age: 38
Favorite Color: Blue
If you could be any animal: Dog, because a dog is friendly.

Tum was possibly my Thai bff.  He's a mean guitar player.  He is kind and sensitive.  He drove a sick motorcycle instead of the typical golf cart preferred by the rest of his countrymen.  I want Tum to come visit California.  I will help him in any way that I can.  Please contact TPAD if you would like to sponsor him for his first visit to the greatest country in the world.
Name: Somjat
Nickname: Tum
Age: 34
Favorite Color: Blue (dark)
If you could be any animal: Bear.  Actually, a Grizzly Bear. Because I like when they are a huggie bear.

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