Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bad Undies

Have you ever bought underwear for someone you cared about?  If so, how did they like your gift?  I have done so only once.  With poor results.  If choosing gift underwear for your significant other, I think it's best to avoid the children's section. Also, bypass any underpants with writing on the backside.  These will likely be turned away in disgust.  

Today was a glorious day in San Francisco.  I felt like I was back in Hawaii.  I went around and checked for the relatively recent rarities with no success.  I need to find a rare bird already... I did however see some neat and fun stuff along the way.  Bird of the day: Townsend's Warbler.  Tomorrow is Dollar Days at the racetrack.  I'll be there winning hella Benjamins.  You should go too.

Smuggest Canada Goose ever.
Pygmy Nuthatch.  Also looking a bit smug.

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