Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Does Baseball Start Soon?

Eating and drinking for free is one of my favorite parts about the job I currently have.  For example, last night at dinner I gobbled down 21 delicious pieces of sashimi.  It just feels nice to be rewarded after all these years slaving away, counting birds for the man.  That is exactly what I'm going to do after releasing this early tuesday edition of TPAD.  Pretty good day in the field today.  Finally saw a roadrunner, found a Cactus Wren nest, and spent some time around really creepy, old abandoned buildings.  All in all, a nice time.

Male Blue-gray Gnatcatcher.  

I think this is now called a Desert Hare.  Unless of course it is actually called Black-tailed Jackrabbit.  Nobody knows.  It's a mystery of science.


  1. Nice gnat. GBRS called, it wants to be posted.

    I think that rabbit is actually a seahare.

  2. Ooh gnatcatcher. My heart will never fully beat again until I see another.