Monday, March 5, 2012

Citay Burds

It's time to head home for reals.  I'm about to get in my rented Chevy Aveo and drive up to Brushwood to see my family for the first time in nearly four months.  I'm pretty excited to see home again.  Should be a blast.  I spent all morning birding in the city and then met up with Mattbrady for a trip over to the East Bay.  We bagged the Tropical Kingbird in Richmond and then came back to SF.  I developed a sore throat at some point during all of this and am now contemplating suicide rather than the impending cold to come.  LIP.

Allen's Hummingbird at Lake Merced, gathering nesting material from the flowering willows.  Very nice.

American Avocet at Heron Head.

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