Monday, March 26, 2012

Cough Cough Bird

I hate to even bring it up again, but I have caught another cold.  I guess if you leave the real world for months at a time, as I am prone to do, fate will eff you to make up for all the lost time.  And so you get sick twice during your first month back home.  Life is pain.  I find Halls cough drops to be the most effective treatment.  I'm pretty sure they're the best cough drop.  And they taste pretty good too.  I worked out in the desert again today.  Saw some more great stuff.  Nothing much new though, except for the quiz bird below.

Quiz bird.

Loggerhead Shrike, hella close.

1 comment:

  1. The quiz bird looks kinda gnatcatchery with the grey and blue...

    When I left CA for MI I got SO many colds 'cause I think they had different strains there. And I'd not had the flu since I was a kid, and got slammed w/ it my 1st summer there.

    Stranger in a strange land is, apparently, open season for the local, wizened viruses, etc. Good luck. I recommend copious quantities of hyper-healthy cold-formula tea. =)