Monday, March 12, 2012


Buying a car is gnarly business.  I prefer birding.  It's much more fun.  I'm really glad that my job is birding and not buying cars.  If you can't tell, I did not succeed in making a purchase today.  I looked at a million cars and test drove a hundred.  Now I have no idea how much money I want to spend, what kind of car I want, or even who I am anymore.  Please wish me well on this horrible quest I have embarked upon.  The good news is that I went birding around Brushwood this morning before Car Hell and saw a few neat things.  Best birds were Phainopepla and Hermit Thrush.  Great success.

Anna's Hummingbird showing nicely.

The Brushwood Hermit Thrush jumped up on the fence for a nice photo shoot.  Thank you for cooperating, Hermit Thrush.

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  1. phainopepla?!? Oh, SO JEALOUS!!! congrats.

    Bought a car recently (had calm, stoic husband w/ and had reviewed consumer reports) but it was pretty easy. Our (winning) sales guy was very low pressure, mild, gave us information, and let us discuss things privately in his office while he milled about. Only interrupting to offer us yet another cookie. A winning strategy. Glad you're at least done! =)